Tools and Applications

QuickDic restored

QuickDic restored is a very fast dictionary app for Android.

Download App

1. Install the QuickDic dictionary app on your Android device, open the app and without selecting a language close the app.
2. Download the PA-German-English.quickdic file to your Android device.
3. Using the file manager on your Android device, copy the PA-German-English.quickdic file from your download folder to your quickdic file folder.
This folder is found in: Internal storage/Android/data/de.reimarddoeffinger.quickdic/files.
4. Open the QuickDic app and select English PDC or PA-German-English dictionary and you are all done.

Dictionary For MIDS

This is another good dictionary app for Android devices.

Download App Details

1. Download and extract DfM file.
2. Install DictionaryForMIDS app. The first time you open the app it wants you to select a dictionary.
3. Select "from file."
4. Select "download."
5. Select “DfM_DBDicV (Eng-PaGer)_engpdc_3.5.8."
6. Select "dictionary."
7. Select “Load dictionary from current directory.” The dictionary is now loaded. You can change the settings for better search results.


ColorDict is a dictionary app for Android that integrates with Moon+ Reader. This dictionary works well if you like using Moon+ Reader for reading and studying.

Download App Moon+ Reader

1. Install ColorDict Dictionary on your Android device.
2. Set ColorDict as your default dictionary in Moon Reader settings.
3. Download the file and extract.
4. Using the file explorer, copy the extracted Stardict folder to the dictdata folder.
5. Open ColorDict and in the settings reindex the dictionaries. Now when you look up a word in Moon Reader the PA-German word should be the first on the list.

Dicty Dictionary

Dicty dictionary is another offline dictionary. This is the best dictionary app we have that works with Apple iOS at this time.

Download App

I have limited experience with iOS and can't verify that everything works.
After installing the app, click on the cloud icon at the top and type the following under 'Enter URL':

Then click 'Download' and it should install the dictionary. After it finishes importing, you are all set.

GuruDic Dictionary

GuruDic dictionary is another offline dictionary for iOS. This used to be the dictionary app that we recommended for Apple iOS. However, since iOS version 12.1.1, many are getting error messages when trying to download the dictionary file.

Download App

If you have an older version of iOS this app may still work for you.
After installing the app, find 'Install by URL' and enter:

If it does not work, try entering this instead:

Then click 'Start Install' and it should install the dictionary. After it finishes importing, close the app and restart it.


Website Details

Anki is an electronic flashcard program that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and any device that has a web browser. I created an anki package called a “deck” with many common PA-German phrases and expressions. These phrases have the sound recorded so you can hear the pronunciation for each phrase as you learn it.

Study Blue


Study Blue is an electronic flashcard app for iOS, Android, and online. Download the appropriate app from the app store and search for PA-German. You will find hundreds of flashcards of both words and phrases.

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